what is a fidget spinner?

Fidget hand spinner is the popular spinning toys in 2017 summer,why it is so hot.Is it just a simple way to help those experiencing symptoms of ADD, ADHD, autism, smoking, nail biting, fidgeting, and other tendencies that develop into habits? I do not think so,the key to make the fidget spinner so hot is the social media,everything you can see from fidget spinner youtube,fidget spinners facebook or instagram,they spread this simple toy all over the world like a virus.

how to make fidget spinner?

A fidget spinner is a type of stress-relieving toy.A basic fidget spinner consists of a bearing in the center of a design made from any of a variety of materials including brass, stainless steel, titanium, copper and plastic.Fidget spinners come in many different styles and colors,fidget hand spinners can range from a few dollars to 100 dollars. You can find and buy them from anywhere, children from school,they are spinning this toy in their hand,such a small gadget, it can make your hand keep busy for all day long.Fidget hand spinners are a viral trend that’s taken the internet by storm.The fidget spinner phenomenon has spawned over 5 million YouTube videos with 110,000 searches on Google a month, so it's worth breaking this trend down to see what we can learn from it about virality.If you're not familiar with them, the idea behind the fidget spinner is simple: a metal or plastic design rotates around a bearing in the middle to achieve a satisfying spin that can go on for minutes on end.Fidget spinners are remarkably simple: A bit of funky-shaped plastic or metal orbits a bearing, often for minutes at a time with a single spin. You can get them for as cheap as a dollar from the fidget spinner online sellers here in New York. 

What types of fidget hand spinners are there? and what's kind of fidget spinner is most popular?how to make fidget spinner?

From handspinnersshop.com, we have 7 types of fidget hand spinners: TRI-FIDGET SPINNER,Dual hand spinner,Ring hand spinner,Rainbow hand spinner,Led light hand spinner,Metal hand spinner and Ninja style hand spinners.

Fidget spinners, the palm-sized toys that have taken over classrooms and offices across the world, are still increasingly popular.Fidget spinners are increasingly being recognized as simple, low-cost anxiety and stress reduction tools.The fidget spinner can keep you calm. Below is the best types of fidget hand spinners we collect in 2017.

Metal fidget hand spinners:The Aluminum Material Hand spinner is an affordable, lightweight, pocket-sized fidget toy designed for kids and adults with ADD, ADHD, autism or other issues or habits that interrupt concentration and focus. The center finger grips add to the maneuverability of the device as well as to the overall feel and comfort. This Hand spinner also helps relieve boredom, aids in helping break bad habits, or is just for fun!

Tri-Fidget spinner: it is the cheapest spinner you can find in our store,it will just cost you $2.95 (with free shipping). This Tri-Fidget Spinner is a premium spinner product designed to be easily operated with just one hand. The Tri-Fidget Spinner is made with those afflicted with ADD, ADHD, autism, difficulty staying awake, anxiety, stress, or bad habits, in mind. This fidget spinner is an easily and satisfyingly maneuverable size suitable for adults and children alike. It is an ideal tool for warming up (i.e.: musicians, writers) as well as helping improve motor skills.It smoothly spins, on the average, as long as 1-2+ minutes, durable ABS Plastic body case. Two removable caps are included that may be inserted inside the ceramic bearing during spinning. The SmoothFidget Spinner is easily, and able to be discreetly, operated in quiet environments, such as home, school, office, and elsewhere. Its smooth edges permit easy, one-handed operation.

Dual hand spinner: The Dual-Bar Aluminum Fidget Spinner is a higher-quality, pocket-sized, metal finger spinner designed for those seeking to reduce their stress and anxiety and increase their focus and concentration. It is an equally effective and entertaining tool for those with ADD, ADHD, autism or other issues or habits that interrupt concentration and focus, including anxiety, stress, and tension. The Dual-Bar Spinner is solid, durable, aluminum construction (available in a variety of colored metals) that won’t easily break if it falls on the ground. It is well-balanced and has fast, smooth, and easy operation. It is easily, and able to be discreetly operated in quiet environments, such as home, school, office, and elsewhere. Its smooth edges allows for easy one-handed operation.

Custom or DIY your Fidget Spinners

Fidget spinners come in many shapes and sizes but if you aren’t keen on any that you have seen and think you could be a bit of a developer, then there’s no reason why you can’t go and make your own! With 3D-printers now commercially available, you could design and make all sorts of funky fidget spinners for yourself and others.To Customizable Fidget Spinner,you must have good fidget spinner parts and accessories. Fidget spinner buttons, or caps as they're sometimes referred to as, are the often overlooked third ingredient to a successful fidget spinner recipe. The body gets all of the limelight, the bearings get the hardcore technical crowd's attention, but buttons can certainly break, though probably don't make, a successful spinner design. So what makes a good fidget spinner button? Let's go over some button basics and then we'll delve into some good a bad designs with a few recommendations of where to buy good buttons online.Okay, this is pretty basic, but my writing coach is sitting beside me and whispering in my ear not to assume your audience knows as much as you (which seems impossible given that I lost my car keys in the refrigerator for two days recently). Buttons simply serve to cover the fidget spinner bearing and give you an easy way to hold the spinner rather than trying to delicately place your pinchy little finger tips on the inner race of the bearing (then end up with a circle indentation on your fingers for the rest of the day). They are sort of integral to spinner design at this point and any spinner worth it's shit has them. So, now we're all up to speed.

Hand spinner buttons have many different variables. Let's look at some of them.

What material are they made of? Buttons come in all of the same types of plastics and metal that fidget spinners are made of. Most commonly, you'll find aluminum buttons as the basic choice for metal spinners (because it's the cheapest option), but brass, stainless steel and other types of more exotic metals are available as well. We'll get to that more a little later.

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